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Vivanco R&D Center

Vivanco is a multi-specialist Manufacturer for SCS solutions and Consumer Electronics. Vivanco is dedicated long-term commitment to products research and development in the SCS solutions and Consumer Electronics to ensure the position as a leader in the international market, with advanced and practical design, continuous outstanding innovation and reliable and accurate quality request, to win the worldwide recognition.

  • Vivanco R&D center in Germany

    German Arensburg R&D center mainly undertakes the consumer electronics product development, involved in product sales in the global scope with more than ten sub-brand.

  • Vivanco R&D Center in China

    China R&D center covers nearly ten thousand square meters, the investment of research and development equipment, system testing equipment exceeds one hundred million RMB. Undertake new materials for SCS solutions, data center, industry related active equipment, industry related wireless terminals, industry related consumer electronics research and development.

  • Vivanco R&D center in UK

    Intelligent wiring R&D center mainly undertak the research and development of intelligent electronic distribution frame.

  • Vivanco R&D center in America

    Tennessee R&D center is a major integrated of SCS solutions and consumer electronics frontier science theory, the technology research and global standards for different countries and areas.

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