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Modular Data center solutions

VIVANCO integrated Modular DC is with pre-integrated highperformance data center rack systems, intelligent closed cooling channel system, highly reliable power supply and distribution systems, energy efficient refrigeration systems, intelligent ring centralized management system and integrated modular pre-terminated wiring system; accommodate the infrastructure to support network communications business systems running all the business for which the system provides operating environment and have a complete set of operation and maintenance system to ensure that business system efficient, stable and uninterrupted operation

Product List

VIVANCO is a one-stop solution provider for data center infrastructures with its complete range of cabinets,enclosed cold aisle, cabling, precision distribution cabinets, UPS, line-level precision air conditioning, power & environment monitoring and management platform so that the integration of micro-module data center infrastructure solutions reduces costs, save energy and reduce the daily operation and maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance management.

VIVANCO-DC-SM integrated micro-module data center - Micro solutions are pre-integrated cabinets, cabling, power supply and distribution,refrigeration, ring monitoring in one integrated more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safety, modular solve the whole room scheme. With physical infrastructure and power and environmental factors critical equipment needed to run, to provide customers with onestop service room required. Suitable for enterprise branch offices, warehouses and other mining and data center applications quickly create miniature scenes can achieve standardized management and unattended, to help customers reduce OPEX, lower operation and maintenance costs.

VIVANCO-DC-BM solutions, using a closed cooling channel, room-level precision air under air cooling mode, single,and double row flexible deployment of composite applications; suitable for small and medium-government,network and widely used in industry, education, health care, finance, etc. or large enterprise data centers, medium,and high-performance desktop cloud data center cloud computing data centers.

VIVANCO-DC-HM is with pre-integrated cabinets, enclosed cold aisle,supply and distribution, cooling and modular pre-terminated wiring sets and other IT infrastructure IT infrastructure and USMS operation and maintenance management in one of the modular data center solutions . Reconstruction and expansion for large high-density data centers to quickly create and traditional data center.

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