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Micro Data Center Solutions

VIVANCO micro data center is a plug and play, fully integrated solution with built in power, cooling , rack , monitoring and security systems.
An easily flexible, expandable, intelligent micro data center product is one of the keys to the edge computing success.
With all these in mind , we create this VIVANCO Micro Data Center product.
It‘s a plug and play, totally enclosed and fully integrated solution built in with rack, power & battery, cooling, monitoring and security systems.

Product List

Easy Deployment

Pre-manufactured and fully tested means that no on-site engineering needed to activate the product. Within one day, you can deploy the IT equipments and quickly power on your business.

Easy Management

Design once and deploy anywhere. By this standardized architecture and remote monitoring access platform, you can gain control of these critical assets, reduce risks and operational costs, and improving service levels.

Easy Expansion

A stand alone full function solution. You can plan and invest your IT assets step by step while your business grows. Buy small and scale to big. Invest only when necessary.

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