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IFTAR dinner program with Vivanco at Bangeladesh



Ramadan is the holy month of Muslim believers. During Ramadan, Muslims honor the time when they believe God revealed the first verses of the Koran. It is the month in which all Muslims atone and seek nearness to Allah (the Muslim name for God) by fasting. During this time, it is also encouraged to avoid evil thoughts and cursing.

During this Ramadan of 2016 VIVANCO also arranged an Iftar ceremony with our honorable clients from Bangladesh Govt. ICT sectors, Banks, Corporates, Distributor, System Integrators and Channel Partners etc. in together. Around 150 people have attended this program and their precious presence makes our program successful. VIVANCO is honor to have Ms. Hosne Ara Begum (Additional Secretary of Bangladesh ICT Ministry and Managing Director of Bangladesh High Tech Perk) as Key Note speaker and there she represents planning of Bangladesh Govt. for ICT sector, step taken by Bangladesh Govt. for ICT enhancement etc. Managing Director of Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. (VIVANCO Distributor of Bangladesh territory) Md. Zahirul Islam also gave a speech for our honorable clients. The aim of this holy program was to arrange a get together of Bangladesh ICT field people where they will able to share their thoughts, planning, personal moments etc. in together. Bangladesh VIVANCO team also arranged a short presentation to represent VIVANCO’s aim, success and future planning on Bangladesh market.


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